tm - Interkulturelles Business Coaching


Coaching activates your ressources and permits individual orientation & development. It is an instrument to…


    • accompany changes in your career
    • explore new ways and discover solutions
    • become clear about your current & future goals
    • transfer change into action

      Intercultural coaching means adapting language & behaviour to the coachee in order to be responsive. In your mothertongue, „speaking the same language“ helps to adress the issue.


      Secondly, it means to adress particular intercultural issues. These are only perceptable to people who worked and lived abroad themselves.

      International coaching issues can be:

      • Coaching of expatriates in Germany on topics like working culture, career perspectives, cooperation & communication in the German society

      • Preparation for expatriates going abroad or working in international teams
      • Professional orientation & work-life-balance abroad

      • Coaching for country managers, international sales & marketing managers and other matrix assignments in international groups

      • Repatriation for managers coming back from abroad